In a press release relayed by DJmag , the employees of Avicii have announced the release of an album posthumously by the Swedish artist. Entitled TIM , a direct reference to his real name Tim Bergling, the compilation is provided in the bins for the 6th of June. In the meantime the album, a new song, SOS , will be available from 10 April.

“His family has decided not to deprive his fans of the world of his music,” says his production team. Before his suicide on April 20, 2018, the Swedish artist was working on a new album from which several songs were on the point of being curly. Through notes, emails and messages sent to his collaborators, the album could be recorded “as near as possible to his artistic vision”.

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Interviewed by the New York Times , its producer Carl Falk explained his difficulty to “produce through the eyes and ears of someone who is not there.” “It was really hard not to get self-criticism all the time. Is it like that? What would he have done?”, he wondered.

the profits of the album will be donated to the Tim Bergling Foundation, to raise public awareness about suicide prevention and raise funds to help associations that support people with mental illness. “Tim wanted to make a difference. To launch a foundation in his name is our way to honor his memory and to continue what he had started,” said his family in the press release. The institution established by the family of the producer of Levels will open its doors on 20 April.