there is in this powerful piece, and the original by Henrik Ibsen, a force that nothing can blunt. Founded in 1883, it seems to apply to our time. The enemy of the people, it is the Doctor Tomas Stockmann. It is thus that he is referred to by his fellow citizens he wanted to prevent: the thermal waters that make the reputation and the wealth of the city are polluted. It would be necessary to close the facility for several months for everything to be in order. But the notables, who have a financial interest in the matter, do not want to hear talk about intervention or judgment. His brother, the prefect, Peter Stockmann, is opposed to the honesty and lucidity courageous Tomas. Journalists, he believed, for its part, will also abandon it. He is the only one.

This piece is beautiful and the translation of Eloi Recoing is firm, very enlightening. Jean-François Sivadier is based on the excellent actors that often accompany a troupe consistent. In the role of Tomas, Nicolas Bouchaud shows how purity can lead to excesses dangerous. It is pure, of course. He is right. But it goes up to the foolishness. It is daring. It reiterates in part what is known of Tomas and Bouchaud is extraordinary. Sometimes, the way Sivadier blurs a little understanding. But there was the pleasure of the theatre. And a rant violent at the time of the public meeting!

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