A test that Gary Andrews has overcome through the design. The former animator of Disney has lost Joy, his wife a year ago, swept away by a sepsis fulminating at the age of 41. Since, overcome by grief, the widower and father of two girls, who lives in Surrey in England, has drawn every day of his daily life without it.

the first drawing posted on Twitter a few days after the death of his wife, shown with her two children laying down one star: “A mother, a wife, an inspiration. Cruelly removed much too early. She would have wanted if I hadn’t done my #undessinparjour”, wrote Gary. This drawing will be the cornerstone of its slow reconstruction.

A year later, he decided to make a short film, in which he recounts the most important moments of his life with Joy. They met in 1998 in a course of amateur theater, their wedding, the birth of their daughters, his trip to Vancouver where he learned the bad news, and her new life as a widowed father. For Joy , broadcast on the BBC, in the show The One Show , in October last, a trademark for Gary Andrews the end of the tunnel.

In a tweet on November 2, where he represents himself with a watermark with the loving presence of his wife, the artist seems to have found a form of serenity: “last night, I made a decision. I moved my alliance on my other hand. A symbol of our love. Never forgotten, but it is time to move forward. You are part of it and there’s nothing I can change. I will always love you, but I have to accept that life has changed.”