“June 1, 2019. Banksy. Museum of graffiti”. The ground-floor of the tiny “museum of graffiti,” set in a covered passage in the 2nd arrondissement, the graffiti in white on a black background has to excite fans of street art, An exhibition, devoted to the mysterious graffiti artist british and other “street artists” will be held outside Paris, announced “Arek”, the creator of the ephemeral museum dedicated to street art. The project of this retrospective of the works of paris of Banksy, supported and discussed passionately by tens of thousands of people on the wall Facebook of the museum, is surrounded by mysteries.

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Creator of the museum, “Arek” -his real name is Grégory Jubé-, 37 years old, does not want to reveal the place where will take place the exhibition, where, he says to the AFP, the wall pieces of Banksy, saved the deletion of, should be exposed. Last summer, he says, a group of british visitors visited the brand new museum. After their departure, at the bottom of the “wall” where “Arek” invites visitors to express themselves, a tag had been added with a signature that is: Banksy. Hoax or reality? “Arek” don’t know.

“For the street to become art”

Some time later, he received a parcel. Inside, a canvas on which was inscribed in letters of gold, “Thanks God I’ll be there tomorrow” (“God thank you, I’ll be there tomorrow”). The word “God” was crossed out, and, at the top, appeared the name of the street artist provocateur of Bristol. Here, too, “Arek” and says he does not know the source of the package.

This small museum on two floors is intended to be a didactic course on the art of graffiti. It notes, in particular, the montages of photos of works of three taggers, TRAN, OCLOCK and HORFEE, and broadcasts a video explaining the pitfalls in which the graffiti at risk of falling, such as the recovery by the advertisements.

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In his museum, “Arek” explained on a panel, his goal and his passion: “look at the graffiti around us differently, understanding this culture through an organised knowledge, finally giving his time for the street to become art”.