Since September 8, and for five months, the design museum of Bois-le-Duc welcomes “Design of the Third Reich”. This exhibition of artefacts from the nazi period, of the volkswagon beetle, the 1936 Olympics, through swastikas and propaganda films of Leni Riefenstahl, wants to show “the contribution of design to the development of the ideology of evil nazi”, according to the museum on its website.

“From the beginning, we explain that it is a racist ideology and that the goal of the party was to create a culture of a racist and xenophobic. The exhibition was intended to be preventive”, argues Timo de Rijk, the director of the museum, as quoted by The Guardian. Only, the message was not really in the Dutch city, and in particular among young left-wing activists.

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The group of communist Youth league netherlands demonstrated in front of the doors of the museum before its public opening. The association complains that the establishment of glorifying nazism in exposing these objects. In a sign of protest, the Dutch artist Ralph Posset has modified the red carpet and present at the entrance of the building to transform it into a swastika. A “work” that employees of the museum were quickly removed.

“We had a long conversation with the youth group of the communist Party,” says Timo de Rijk,. They fear that we glorify nazism. I would not do it if I thought I was, but I can understand what is represented by this figure of evil in history”.

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Wil je weten hoe Duitse musea in bruikleengevers denken over of exhibition ‘Design van het Derde Rijk’? Lynn Stroo schreef voor het Duitslandinstituut een uitgebreid artikel, waarin ze ook het hoofd van de afdeling collecties van het Deutsches Historisches Museum interviewt. (in waarin conservator Timo de Rijk vertelt hoe moeilijk het was om deze ‘Stahlhelm’ van het DHM te lenen). #linkinbio #design #designmuseum #designmuseumdenbosch #designvanhetderderijk

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In view of the controversy, the design museum has taken precautions. Aside from the Ladybug, visitors are not allowed to take pictures. In addition, it is now mandatory to book the slot for his visit by buying his ticket on the Internet, a way to filter the passers-by.

against the current of controversy, the newspaper De Volkskrant has published an article titled: “How to make an exhibition on the design nazi without glorifying fascism”, which praises the quality of historical and informative of this retrospective on the 3rd Reich.

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