An expert gardener told us how to save the harvest in the heat

In the heat affects not only people but also plants. Expert-dendrologist Tatiana Rusanova told how to correctly take care of the future harvest, when the temperatures are flying high, reports

first and foremost, the specialist noted that watering vegetable crops need at the root, not the leaves by rain. “Tomatoes, eggplants, pumpkins, squash — all this can be watered from the top, because they quickly burn the leaves. Top well sling the only conifer” she said. If the area is ornamental spruce, you can sometimes give them a shower, but only in the evenings.

Day to water doesn’t need anything — you should do it either very early in the morning or after 18 PM. Night can also be done watering.

Calculation of water for all vegetable crops is approximately the same, one square meter dendrologist advised to spend 10 liters of water.

Fruit trees specialist to water is not recommended, it is only necessary to loosen the ground under them. “They are very abundantly watered in the fall: obkapyvayut such “saucers” under the large trees, put back the hose and very well poured. Then it all closed and wet plants go into winter,” — said Rusanova. In the heat the trees need no irrigation.

All gardeners know that can water the garden with cold water, for example, from the well directly — such watering will not benefit the plants, because the water temperature is 7-9 degrees. Such water is better to dial in the barrel and give ostaetsya in the sun. However, the well water is also salty. After watering with the water around the plants can be whitish plaque. “The problem is that plants absorb water thin hairs, and the salt settles on these hairs, and they absorb worse. In result, the plants grow poorly, turn yellow,” said the expert, adding that such water need to be defended, and it is better to wait for the rains.

loosening the soil she added , called “dry irrigation”, since it replaces a little water, you can do it every other day or every day.

Culture that is suffering from the heat is cucumber. They have a very vulnerable leaves, says Rusanova, they need to hide from the heat. You can make a tent out of non-woven material or a well-ventilated greenhouse.

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