According to her, Leonardo da Vinci didn’t paint the Salvator Mundi. To Carmen Bambach, one of the experts of the world’s most recognized the author of the mona lisa , the greater part of the canvas was painted by Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio, the wizard of the Italian master. The work was sold for the record sum of $ 450 million in December 2017 at the hotel sales new york-Christie. “In my opinion, this was not a good investment”, she entrusted to the Guardian.

The Salvador Mundi, a real Leonardo da Vinci ? – Look on Figaro Live

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This curator, department of drawings and prints the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York (Met) calls in question the house Christie. The auction house has suggested in her catalogue that she certified that the work was a Vinci. “This is not representative of my opinion,” objects-t-it .

According to the Guardian , in his next book, in four volumes, dedicated to the painter, Carmen Bambach says that Vinci has not made that “small refinements” to a canvas conducted by Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio, his assistant.

She also denies claims that the picture would have been painted around 1500, and could have been included in the collection of Charles I. “We do not have reliable information on this painting before the middle of the Nineteenth century,” she said.

This is obviously not the opinion of Christie, who is trying to defend the paternity of Leonard de Vinci. “The attribution to Leonardo has been established nearly ten years prior to its sale by a panel of a dozen experts, and has been confirmed at the time of the sale in 2017”, said the spokesperson of the hotel sales.

The Salvator Mundi no end to speak of him: the work is missing since its sale in 2017. The Louvre Abu Dhabi, which was to expose, last September, does not seem to want to defy the islamic religious authorities who deny that any representation of Christ. The loan from the Louvre, who would like to integrate it in his great retrospective dedicated to the master this fall, has remained to this day unanswered.