The discovery has something to dream about. In June 2018, the market of art Jane Kallir, a specialist in German expressionism and austrian, receives an e-mail intriguing. A man claims to have found a small drawing in the bazaar, a consignment shop in solidarity with the Queens, New York. On the photo is very blurry in the attachment to the mail, the director of the Galerie St. Etienne discovers a young woman lying on her back, naked. The style is reminiscent of Egon Schiele, but Jane Kallir remains prudent. “In 90% of cases, the people are wrong. These are bad copies,” says the expert, ” in The Art Newspaper . To have the heart net, it does, however, a picture of better quality to the buyer. His email will remain a long time without response.

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Nearly a year later, in may last, Jane Kallir receives a new photograph of a much better quality this time. And that it sees the plot to the point that she asks his correspondent to come to him to present the discovery to his gallery. Before the drawing, was no doubt possible for the expert. It is, ” she says, drawing authentic and original. After some research, she recognizes the a regular patterns of the painter, a teenager, who was “sometimes alone, sometimes coming in with his mother in 1918”, just before the death of Schiele. The sketch would be the same, according to her, in a series of 22 drawings, the other two could come from the same session. The whole would have constituted the preparatory work to a lithography well-referenced of the austrian artist called Mädchen (Girl), printed four years after his death.

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The drawing is now offered on sale. Its buyer, who wishes to remain anonymous, did not say how much he had paid. But Jane Kallir esteem, now that she has authenticated, between 100,000 and 200,000 dollars (between 90.000 and 180.000 euros). According to it, a portion of the sale will be donated to Habitat for Humanity who manages the deposit-sale where the discovery took place. Contacted by The Art Newspaper the leaders of the association have expressed their “excitement”. “I can’t help but think that this piece of art history could end up in a landfill, lost forever, if we had not organized this sale,” said the president of the antenna, new-york.