Analyst: growing demand for cash — a global trend

Russia is continuing the rapid growth of cash money. As noted by the head of IAC “Alpari” Alexander Razuvaev, in June the appeal was received 391,8 billion in cash banknotes. In may cash money supply increased by 248,8 billion, in April — to 544 billion rubles, in March — by 700,9 billion. In less than four months entered into circulation banknotes of 1.9 trillion rubles. The total amount of cash money on June 1, reached a historic level of 11.2 trillion rubles. According to the analyst, operational data of the Bank of Russia banking sector liquidity show that on July 2, “cache” in the economy became even more — about 11,6 trillion. It’s almost 80 thousand roubles on each living in the country, including infants and the very elderly, indicates Razuvaev. “However, the increase in cache is not associated with citizens who do not trust banks, and business, which is in the background of the crisis faded. We can say that back the 90s. However, then was actively used not only ruble, but dollar cache”, — explained the expert. In his opinion, in fact it is not so bad. “Perhaps, expected all the Russian recession is only on paper. Now in Moscow, many restaurants and beauty salons offer trusted clients not to break the check and pay the bill by cash” — notes the analyst. He recalled that in March and April, the Corporation took in banks 1,444 trillion rubles in new loans. This is more than in the previous 12 months combined — 913 billion And at the same time from the accounts of legal entities flowed 804 billion. It is not necessary to forget and about “grey” salaries, which last year amounted to 13 trillion RUB “In principle, Russia is long overdue denomination of the ruble 1 to 100, i.e. to make the denomination of the banknotes adequate order prices. The growth in demand for cache global trend. Volumepersonal money supply grows in the United States, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Australia and Brazil. Key conclusion: the opinion that the pandemic will accelerate the decline of paper money in the background of the development of e-Commerce and fears of Contracting, was a myth”, — the analyst concluded.

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