Analyst: July will be held under the fear of a second wave of the pandemic

All of the current year will be marked by pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19, and “coming July will be no exception”. This opinion was expressed by the “Rosbalt” the head of IAC “Alpari” Alexander Razuvaev.

In his words, “markets and investors around the world feared second wave of the epidemic”. “A new quarantine will probably be able to finally finish the world economy, which is just beginning to emerge from recession. On the financial sites already, there is a reduction in risk appetite, fears of a second crisis wave has already begun to put pressure on oil prices”, — stated in the review of the expert.

At the same time, outlining the picture of the crisis, he noted that “the global volume of M&A transactions (mergers and acquisitions — ed.) in the first half of 2020 fell two times compared with the same period of 2019”. “For the first six months of 2020 the volume of M&A totaled just over $1 trillion — the lowest figure since 2012, when in the midst was the debt crisis in the Eurozone. The most significant reduction in the volume of M&A deals occurred in North and South America, where it decreased by 69%. In Europe, the middle East and Africa the total volume of transactions decreased by 32%. The Asia-Pacific region demonstrated a more positive indicators. The volume of M&A transactions here decreased by only 7%,” — said the analyst.

Besides, he adds, “after the completion of the pandemic coronavirus sanctions against Russia could be tightened”, and this earlier this week warned “the Deputy Director of Department of control over the external limits of the Russian Finance Minister Dmitry Kiku”. “He said, after the peak of the pandemic, the policy of containment of Russia and China through sanctions “will be more stringent methods.” The reason for the increasing restrictions against Russia will be the U.S. presidential election, scheduled for November 3″, — says Razuvaev.

overall, in his view, “the usual six months ago, the world is gone”. “In July, we can expect very high volatility in stock and currency markets. And volatility is the bread of speculators”, — the expert concludes.

Recall also that the outbreak of pneumonia caused by a coronavirus infection (COVID-2019), was formally recorded in December 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan. March 11, 2020, the world health organization (who) officially recognized the situation with coronavirus pandemic. To date, cases of infection were recorded in almost 200 countries and regions of the world. In General, the number of infected COVID-2019 in the world has exceeded 10.6 million people, died more than 515 thousand. The pandemic has had devastating effects on the world economy. Under the powerful kick hit many industries, including transport, tourism, hospitality, automotive, construction, retail, and entertainment.

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