Analyst: Social networks in Russia are adjusting the level of official lies

the spill is About 20 thousand tons of fuel at TPP-3 in Norilsk Russia learned only two days from social networks. A shortage of reliable information — a weak place of many autocracies, but in the “information” dictatorships that rely primarily on lies, is manifested most strongly. Such opinion to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by the Professor of the European University in Saint-Petersburg and Helsinki University Vladimir Gelman.

“the Silence of emergencies in our society is common, and there are several reasons. First and foremost is due to the fact that there is a great reluctance to spread negative information to the community, as it is considered that this undermines the trust of citizens and weakens the position of power. In fact, during the Soviet period was exactly the same about disasters is reported only when it was impossible to conceal information. Prime example — when the football team died in a plane crash. And about Chernobyl became known only when talking about it abroad,” — said Gelman.

the Second dimension of the problem, according to the analyst, is related to the behavior of subordinate officials. If something happens, then someone is to blame and responsible. This is an additional incentive to sweep information under the rug or downplay the scale of the disaster.

“If we look at what is happening with the statistics for the pandemic — here exactly the same situation. In this sense, the social network doing important work, as it is an independent source of information that can not be covered. So, if we are talking about media, they can bribe, to block, to intimidate. With social networks it’s difficult to pull off. Therefore, the information posted there helps to reduce the risks of official lies. And as soon as some professionals began to spread in social networks statistical calculations showing that the official data on coronavirus things are ploho, under their influence, the authorities had to change the method of formal calculations,” explains the analyst.

According to Vladimir Gelman, the social networks are a good feedback tool, which you need to pay attention to the authorities.

“That Vladimir Putin was indignant, why do we learn from social networks, but also in China, the Central government uses information networks to more efficiently control the local authorities. If some Chinese provinces are starting to complain about the environment, it is a signal for the centre. In Russia it is not, and, consequently, the mechanisms of influence curves. But in any case through official channels is inaccurate information, informal it will always be correct”, — said the analyst.

Recall that in connection with the accident and spill thousands of tons of fuel in Norilsk on-site CHP-3 (NTEC, belongs to “Norilsk Nickel”) has opened a fourth criminal case of negligence and failure to inform about the emergency situation.

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