Analyst: the stock Market needs fresh air

By the evening of Tuesday 7 July the domestic securities market is slightly reduced. “The market certainly looks razbalansirovat and volatile due to the abundance of reactions to a brand relative news. The ruble that day plays in tightrope, the oil slightly grows again falls in price, the theme of coronavirus it is not scary, but everything looks very shaky. As a result, investors sell slightly, but not complacent and are closely monitoring the situation,” — says a senior analyst at IAC “Alpari” Anna Bodrov. According to experts, the index Mosberg konsolidiruyutsya near 2827 points and can be attached while at the level 2810-2835 points. “Each new entry to the top for the rouble index is more difficult, because the fundamental basis of looks so-so,” the analyst notes. Thus, the index of RTS “stuck” circa 1248 points and is able to move within the 1240-1260 points. Shares of Mosuri on Tuesday were among the leaders of the demand. Shares of “Sberbank” interrupted the ascent and adjusted, retreating to RUB 211 U.S. Dollar traded at the evening 71,38 RUB and can be fixed in the short term within 71-72 RUB Strategically, “Russian” is clearly moved there, where his current situation and place in the region of 73-75 RUB indicates Bodrov. The Euro is worth 80,63 RUB, a likely fluctuation in the short term — 80,40-81,30.

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