Every Thursday at noon, place Vendôme, Jules Renard, and Tristan Bernard, Lucien Guitry, Alfred Capus, and Alphonse Allais had dinner together. It was at the end of the Nineteenth century, at a time when the French spirit dominated the world. Five artists, five brains which assisted between good words, nasty, alcohol triumphant and considerations on the state of the world, of theatre and literature. One would have wished to actually be a small mouse to attend this meal.

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And this is what have thought of, without doubt Emmanuel Gaury and Mathieu Rannou: make us an accomplice. A success. A feast of finesse and intelligence. As said Belisa in The learned Women : that the spirit! Then, of course, there is something a little made in writing, a little forced, a little theatre that prevents us from being totally enthusiastic. But how can it be otherwise when one knows a bit of our fellows?

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This is the limit of a theatrical genre that is blooming more and more on our scenes. Lucien Guitry, this monster… Tristan Bernard, Jules Renard, Alphonse Allais, who wanted to bring Paris to the countryside… Excuse me a bit. The five actors, who all come from the home of Jean-Laurent Cochet, this perhaps explaining their choice, are very good with their physical appearance and their youth. There are two authors, Emmanuel Gaury and Mathieu Rannou, as well as Nicolas Poli, Guillaume d’harcourt, Maxence Gaillard. In a scene very probe Raphaëlle Digny.

And if we lied more

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