The years pass, wrinkles disappear! After 6 years of absence, Mylene Farmer made his big return on stage. And the time seems to have no effect on this unclassifiable artist, no more than it did on the fervor of its fans. So that it filled the 15,000-seat Palais Bercy during her previous tour, she fills this time The Defence Arena to the 27000-seat! A production of another class like you rarely see.

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One wonders how a tiny little woman with the voice of tart and high-pitched, then it is of nature, rather a mezzo, was able to take in the breath of so many spectators. It is that there is something quasi-religious in the link which unites this star to his public: a rare alchemy, and maintained by a staging accents, very christic.

Music esoteric

Mylène Farmer makes his entry on stage by coming down from the sky, seems to be walking on water by the effects of light… The star gave the impression to be unattainable, untouchable, almost unreal. Of course, she grows always a side of androgynous, and his little tear paid to each of his concerts is always the same effect. Moreover, does not sing-it not “So am I”?

Its catchy music and aerial, sometimes even esoteric to immerse in a journey outside of time, outside of daily life, but resolutely terran, as suggested by the spectacular sequences of sky, of water, of fire, of mountains marching on the giant screens. Mylene appears as a prophet, worthy, almost stiff, surrounded by a dozen dancers so perfect that they deserve a tip of the hat.

More impressive than the show itself, these 270000 spectators in a state of fascination total. If at the beginning of her career, she had been the egeria of gay, today its audience is clearly extended, clapping at all will this show off standard, to the incredible machinery. The grand spectacle.

Paris La Defense Arena until June 22 .