Angela Merkel announced after a lost state election in Hesse, to make your party the presidency. At a press conference, she announced to stand for election at the CDU party Congress in December as Chairman.

All questions Overview: What does that mean for your chancellorship? Who are the potential successors as party Chairman? What is the reaction of the SPD? The coalition survive? What is the response of the other parties? What does this mean for your chancellorship?

party presidency and chancellorship for the CDU, which had stressed Angela Merkel herself again and again. However, it has now announced to want to be up to the Bundestag election in 2021 Chancellor. But: its possible successor, could be the beginning of December at the party Congress in Hamburg to choose, is likely to be in the medium term, the next candidate for Chancellor. Depending on who would be her successor, would, under certain circumstances, a certain amount of transition time for Merkel and the coalition.

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Who are the successor candidate as the party Chairman?

Da would be all, Kramp-Karrenbauer, Annegret. You should already have your willingness. For it saith, The CDU General Secretary, had a wash in the evening after the Hesse election in a verschwurbelten TV Statement to the answer around, whether you think it is a good idea that Merkel will compete again. Yes, she said. It was at the end, the rushed Merkel?

AKK has retracted as the head of government in the Saarland, a 40-per cent-an exceptional result and is considered to be Merkel’s favorite for succession. At the party she held at the beginning of the year, a brilliant speech and got a top result in of your choice to be Secretary-General.

That speaks against you: As the General Secretary, it is only in the last few months in office and had not yet really a lot of time to distinguish themselves and build a network. From Saarland, you get around the house. And: still, many in the party as biased because of their close proximity to the Chancellor.

CDU’s Angela Merkel announces a waiver of the party presidency, Chancellor Merkel wants to stay, however, until the end of the term of office in 2021 in the office. After that, you seek no other political office, says Merkel. © Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa

Jens Spahn would probably want to. But it is also for the Minister of health of the vacancy comes to the top too early. He is young (38 years old) and would need to profile only a couple of years at the Cabinet table. Even if many Conservatives in the party all their hopes in it, it is questionable whether he would be as an Antipode to Merkel employable and able to command a majority in the party. Odds on party leadership and chancellorship: rather moderate.

Armin Laschet already has experience. He is a CDU Deputy and has hunted last year, the SPD-led state government in NRW from the office. He leads a powerful national Association. This gives self-confidence. His strongest Argument: He would be an ideal candidate for a possible new Jamaica-coalition. FDP-Chef Christian Lindner, the Laschet in NRW together has ruled, had recently declared in an Interview, Laschet Registrar format.

registers The image, the former leader of the Union, Friedrich Merz was ready to run against Merkel. Merz is regarded as a conservative adversaries of Merkel and is highly regarded in the party still. However, Similar to Spahn, a choice would be to Merz a final break with the Era of Merkel, a reversal of the chancellorship. Hard to imagine that the CDU einließe. In addition, Merz was for ten years engaged in business. In the politics of the day, it’s not in there.

a variant, which could give the CDU the freedom to stay out of the Merkel Dogma of the chancellorship and party chair break: Wolfgang Schäuble. Could compete as interim party leader – and at the same time believable to the chancellorship without. This would give Merkel the opportunity to rank at the top of the Federal government, their businesses, and to prevent hasty elections.

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what is the reaction of the SPD?

Merkel’s waiver of the party presidency might bring the social Democrats in a tight spot. Because you have cut off in the state of Hesse is still a lot worse than the CDU, even in third place, behind the Green landed. Nevertheless, the SPD had ruled out Chairman Andrea Nahles on Monday morning, far-reaching consequences for her party: A personnel change at the top of the party don’t stand “in a speech in the SPD,” she said. Nahles also announced in the Grand coalition, nor the closer party leadership was of the opinion on Monday morning.

This may change now due to Merkel’s decision: Because in a deep crisis of credibility plug-in end of SPD can actually afford to draw fewer conclusions from Hesse to the CDU. It is possible that Andrea Nahles loses her Job as party Chairman – although the SPD has worn in the past few years, with Sigmar Gabriel, Martin Schulz, and Andrea Nahles, three Chairman, without their overall situation has changed a bit. A successor for Nahles would not be found so quickly. According to rumors, the lower Saxony Prime Minister Stephan apply Because the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany of Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig. Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz had avoided more of the cameras and tried not to be with the disastrous situation of his party. The opponents of the Grand coalition in the SPD could get by Merkel’s decision is also new on the rise.

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the coalition Survive?

Even if Merkel will remain Chancellor: The SPD will look closely at, who is Merkel’s successor as CDU Chairman or CDU-will be Chairman, because this Person has some Design: A conservative candidate, such as Friedrich Merz and Jens Spahn could be for the SPD leadership a reason to leave the unloved Alliance. Annegret Kramp-should-Karrenbauer, or Armin take Laschet and in Bavaria fried Horst Seehofer bother to resign as CSU leader and Minister are pushed – it could be for Nahles and Co a reason to hope for a new beginning in the government of the Union. In fact, the tone of the po could then political discussion to change. However, should the SPD in such a case, ask why it has actually changed after the Bayern-choice in their personal statement, nothing.

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the other parties will react?

For FDP leader Christian Lindner, the change is not enough. He tweeted: “For our country, but it would be good if we had a new government. Merkel gives the wrong office.” Lindner has repeatedly made it clear that he wants a new Chancellor or a new Chancellor. “Everyone would do it better than Angela Merkel,” he said, for example, in September, in an Interview with TIME ONLINE.

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