to Be a woman and to sing for someone often considered to be a “sexist”: a way to resist and to hear his point of view? It is in any case what is the belief of Angela. Frequently asked about his choice to have done the first part of Damso, the young wife of 23 years and assume, best justifies this idea.

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Thus, in the magazine Seven to Eight , broadcast on TF1 on Sunday 25 August, the singer returned to his collaboration with the rapper whose lyrics are often violent and sexist. It recognizes that at the time she was extensively questioned on this opportunity before accepting it and fully put forward her posture is contradictory. On TF1, so she explained: “of course, I thought about it, of course I asked myself: “Is what I have my place there? I endorse his texts?’ And then I said, happen in the first part alone on stage with my songs, I had a little print to go on the field! I told myself that I was going to go in the face of guys who do know may not even be what is feminism.”

The sister of Romeo Elvis goes even further and considers his approach as a proof of courage: “Come, me, as a young girl all alone, it was a way of me saying: “Me too, I have c***girls and here I am!”” She also believes that her attitude could even lead the singer to soften its about polemics: “If Damso appealed to me, it is that may be also because it is being put into question.”

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