The selection will take often the way of the rue Curial in the 19th arrondissement. There are creations and signatures. Olivier Dubois, associate artist at the Centquatre, will create Tropisms , after the triptych of The Divine Comedy where the choreographer frees the desire of survival. Angelin Preljocaj will present two plays, Ghost and Still Life . Kaori Ito, a dancer from japan, since a long time working in France, sign a duet with Miraï Moriyama, actor and dancer dedicated to Japan. Together, they ponder the future of humanity.

Alessandro Sciarroni resumes Augusto , created for the Lyon Biennale. The dancers go round and round as the circus and laughing throughout the room. It has known the choreographer Italian, whose work is often remarkable, more inspired. Performance enthusiasts will be served.

Theo Mercier and Steven Michel to resume Affordable Solution for Better Living, award-winning at the Venice Biennale. The performer organizes his or her place of life, to blend in with the decor. More classic, but still singular, Josef Nadj gives Mnemosyne , a performance that is related to his career. Children will not be in rest. Mathieu Desseigne-Ravel and Naive Production people dancing , reflecting on the strain, recommended for over 12 years, that the use of acrobatics makes it very spectacular. And Emilio Calcagno to take over its Small stories of… With the collaboration of Anthony Égéa, Kaori Ito and Kettly Noël, puts it in motion tales, beautifully surreal, which should appeal to the more than 8 years. We may also, in the favour of the festival, to practice the dance.

Sequence dance
Le Centquatre
5, rue Curial (Xix).
Tel.: 01 53 35 50 00.
Dates: 13 march to 21 April.
Seating: according to the shows. Festival Pass from three shows.