The Angoulême Festival has well and reconnected with the spirit that has founded its prestigious reputation, the one to celebrate the ninth item of This 46th edition, under the sign of renewal and opening, has kept his promises, those to affirm the recognition of the comic strip and especially its international influence.

The world has been able to find in a top who has devoted many foreign authors, among which the American Emil Ferris, who obtained the Fauve d’or for his exceptional graphic novel Me, what I love about it is the monsters. She became the sixth woman crowned, the last winner in date being the franco-iranian Marjane Satrapi for Chicken with plums in 2005.

This year, the women have largely been put in the spotlight. The consecration of Rumiko Takahashi, elected Grand Prize, will go down in the history of the event. Third woman to win this title, after Florence Cestac (2000) and by Claire Brétécher (1983, ex-aequo with Jean-Claude Forest), the Japanese confirms also the rite of the manga in the walls angoumoisins.

large-scale Exhibitions

Under the impetus of Stéphane Beaujean, its artistic director, the event is open to all genres to develop the international dimension of the festival. The new space Manga City of 2 500 m2 entirely dedicated to the manga and the asian comic strips, has recorded +57% attendance. “This last testament to the potential of the Festival to develop the place of this kind,” says-t-on to the direction of the festival.

The visitors were able to appreciate large-scale exhibitions and very high quality. The superb exhibition devoted to the 80 years of Batman, adoubée by the great Frank Miller present at the festival to receive his / her tan honor, was a victim of its success. The public has not hesitated to deal with endless queues, to see the set design incredible, deployed on 600 square meters, dedicated to the universe of “the dark Knight”.

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The sulphurous Richard Corben, the delicate mangaka Matsumoto, who draws with magnificence childhood, the virtuoso of erotic Italian Milo Manara as well as Tsutomu Nihei and his vision excessive of the future, are not left out. The public has responded to this, honoring the programming always more oriented towards the representation, in equal shares, of the three major currents of the ninth art: the production of the franco-belgian, manga and comics.

Tom-Tom and Nana, the two characters dispute and creative and Bernadette Després, were once again delighted the children. The Angoulême festival has featured an exhibition dedicated to the world endearing and whimsical of their creative. It has generated an increase in the public school to the tune of 60 %….The charm of this edition still operates today.

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Finally, this year will be marked by the visit of the minister of national Education Jean-Michel Blanquer, a first in the history of the event, which is attached to Franck Riester to honor the event. “The coming of the minister of Education affirms the recognition and the importance of the comic strip as a form of reading, expression, and mediation among students and teachers,” boasts the festival.

As the minister of Culture, based on a report by the director of the City of the comic strip Stone Lungheretti that offers fifty-four proposals to support the sector, has announced the first measures in favour of the BD. Willing to devote the year 2020 at the comic book, he referred in particular to the organization of events in France, a biennial competition for young authors, a census of the original works, as well as an offer BD in the pass Culture.

a preamble, the report cites that beautiful prophecy of Hergé: “The comic book in the year 2000? I think, I hope, that it will have finally acquired the freedom of the city, that it will be, if I dare say ‘adultifiée”. It will be more this peeled, this scabby, from which comes all evil, this company, according to some – of brutalisation. It will become a means of expression in itself, as literature or cinema. Maybe-probably -will-t-she found, by then, his Balzac. A creator who gifted both on the plan graphic and the literary have composed a true masterpiece”.