Stuart Semple is determined to make him see all the colors. The internationally renowned artist Anish Kapoor is forbidden to stay in the new store of art supplies in London. At the opening last week, a security guard was posted at the entrance, a portrait of the artist with a diagonal red hand, to prevent the coming of the british artist.

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The boutique offers pots of paints in nine different colors stamped “Stuart Semple”. To be able to acquire them, clients must sign a statement that they claim not to be affiliated with Anish Kapoor. The online purchase is also accompanied by a message warning the customers. “By adding this product to your shopping basket, you confirm that you are not Anish Kapoor, that you are not affiliated with Anish Kapoor, and that you are not purchasing for the account of Anish Kapoor and one of his associates,” can we read.

children that compete for crayons

This case is only the latest episode in a feud with a high-color, now known under the name of”Art Wars”. When Anish Kapoor has filed, in 2016, the exclusive use of the Vantablack, a black pigment absorbing 99.6% of the visible light, Stuart Semple saw red. “We remember all children at the school who did not want to share their crayons. They ended up alone, without a friend,” he wrote on his website. After selling his own black “more black”, Black 2.0, Stuart Semple has created the “Pinkest of pink”, the pink of the roses.

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In a video posted on YouTube, he says he doesn’t make any profit from the sale of this painting because it is “on a mission to share this color with the largest possible number in the whole world, except for Anish Kapoor”. He goes on to explain want to encourage Anish Kapoor to “share his table”. “If we could convince Anish Kapoor to share its black with us, then maybe we could share the rest of the arc-en-ciel with him,” says Stuart Semple.

Not what to make fade Anish Kapoor, who has published on his account Instagram a photo of a finger covered with the rose of Stuart Semple.

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Up yours #pink

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Stuart Semple was awarded the title of hero of happiness on the occasion of the first international day of happiness organized by the united nations on march 20, 2013. Let’s hope that this dispute does not go into a rage.