Fantasy of Jean Rochefort in An elephant that misleads enormously , writer bruised of a life marked by the disappearance drama of his parents at the age of eight years, the heroine of ‘A awesome family , Anny Duperey is also a photographer gifted. She has published on the Threshold, pictures of Anny, a book of pictures of artistic black-and-white, composed of moments of life and portraits, which she took as early as 1971, when driven by a passion immarcescible she will get her first camera, a Leicaflex-to-cell incorporated.

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In this collection, the actress gives us a unique look at Bernard Giraudeau, Marie Dubois, Laurent Terzieff, Isabelle Adjani… beings, friends and love entertainers, who have agreed to pose for it. For Le Figaro , Anny Duperey, who currently plays The Cats of chance at the theatre Edouard VII in Paris, returns to the attraction and taste for observation, may be inherited unconsciously, her father also an avid photographer.

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LE FIGARO – When and how is born your passion for photo?

ANNY DUPEREY – I bought my camera, a Leicaflex-to-cell incorporated in 1971. I say “my” because that has always. I knew that my father had been a photographer. And I kept carefully under my bed its negatives that I had never watched. I waited for a great friend of Corrèze offers me to devote an exhibition of all my photos, a sort of biography in black-and-white as the angle of the photographic heritage. It is strange because I discovered that the photos of my father were similar to mine. I hear the aesthetic point of view. It is strange, no?

Is your taste for the painting helped you to photography?

In my book The dream of my mother I wouldn’t say that I was a painter. It was my first destination. I studied at the Beaux-Arts in Rouen, and I was going to integrate the painting section at the time where I’ve branched off into comedy. It is possible that through the photo, I have been able to otherwise reveal my passion for beauty. But I think, in the words of Boris Cyrulnik, that when we are resilient, we must save despair, black there are two main ways in which empathic: either one turns to the social, we turn to the item to Capture the interiority of the other, it is a way of art.

Jean-Pierre Léaud seen by Anny Duperey Anny Duperey

portraits of Mary Dubois, Isabelle Adjani, Bernard Giraudeau you have enabled us to discover another facet of their personality?

Yes, I believe. Because these snapshots are unique. You mention Marie Dubois. She loved to be taken pictures of. This is rare, especially in the actors. The eye could detect “stealthy” mood. We could have foreseen the terrible disease, multiple sclerosis, which eventually took his life twenty years later. I also have a memory of a wonderful relationship with my friend, Maurice Chevit. He had so much confidence in me that one day he asked me to develop the negative, unique, a photo of his parents, who had died in the nazi concentration camps.

This twenty years that you sponsor the SOS children’s Village. Why this commitment is so expensive?

After the demise of my parents, my sister and I were separated. This wound will be incurable. This is why the association SOS children’s Villages, which aims to bring together siblings of the orphans is essential in order to give a chance to beings-damaged, bruised, forever. I know this because my little sister has always wanted that I photograph to write a story, our common history after this child together that we had been stolen forever.

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