Another opponent of Lukashenka does not exclude his arrest

Applying for the post of the President of Belarus Valery Tsepkalo does not exclude that may become “interesting” to law enforcement, as previously happened with Victor Babariko.

“Theoretically, I can not exclude this, but at the moment we’re just moving in the political process do what it is permitted to do in accordance with the Constitution and the electoral legislation of our country,” he said in an interview with RBC.

In the opinion of the founder of the Park of high technologies, the last 10 years Belarus is not developed. “The degradation of everything. People, of course, feel it primarily in my pocket,” said businessman and politician.

as for the fairness of elections, the Tsepkalo hopes that “civil society will be able to provide the most transparent process of counting votes.”

Valery Tsepkalo is one of the seven candidates, whose initiative groups were able to gather in support of more than 100 thousand signatures. For Tsepkalo them, there were more than 200 thousand Victor Babariko, which attracted nearly half a million signatures, contained in the KGB jail, that does not preclude its registration as the candidate in presidents of Belarus.

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