Another pet rescue centre pinnipeds did not want to go to freedom (photo)

the seal Classic, which rescuers were trying to release, returned to the people. As reported in the group “save the seals”, the pet decided that it simply took a leak.

“since that time we tried to release Ladoga serpulina Classica, Yes, it is, a sort of rogue, decided that the parents just took him for a walk on the beautiful beach and left. He swam, played with lying on the bottom of plastic bags and an hour later I went to meet with beachgoers. Had to take it under his arm, attributed to tulamebel and take in Repino”, — told in the Foundation of friends of the Baltic ringed seals.

In the comments of the subscribers called Classica second Crossecom. “Sure, Krasic taught, no one else. Well, two of my daughters for permanent residence. Then have them wives to have — acacia farm,” wrote the user.

However, the Fund believes that the hope is to release the animal, “but it needs a few povzrosleli, for Classic is the perfect little child”.

this year the season of saving baby seal proved extremely difficult. The centre received a record number of animals — more than three dozen wounded, sick and newborns. The reason for this was too warm winter.

Baby ringed seals Krasic lives downtown in 2016. He was rescued by fishermen. The baby was about two weeks, and he weighed just 4 pounds — that’s less than normal levels of newly-born puppy. For a long time zoologists disturbed psychological state of the seal: Krasic felt no danger emanating from the person. In the end, when it came time to release a pet into the wild, the pup did not want to part with people. Animal rights activists have noted that this happened for the first time the existence of the rescue centre pinnipeds.

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