Antimonopoly service has called the date of hearing on the purchase of PPE in a billion for a hospital in

the St. Petersburg office of the FAS Russia called the date of the first meeting of the Commission in the case of the supply of personal protective equipment in Hospital of veterans of wars. The hearing is scheduled for July 30.

Recall the case brought against SPb GBUZ “Hospital for veterans of wars” and OOO “RED star”. The office believes that the actions of these organizations, there are signs of violation of the law on protection of competition.

as interested parties to the case brought by the health Committee of St. Petersburg and JSC “Central pharmaceutical base of St. Petersburg.”

the investigation into the purchase of PPE amounting to more than 1 billion rubles previously published “Novaya Gazeta”. According to the newspaper, the clinic allegedly purchased for the temporary hospital in “Lenexpo” personal protective equipment without competition at inflated prices. Counterparty was the Moscow OOO “red star” — a company of Anton the User. In the past this is the backing vocalist and concert Manager of rapper Alexander Zhvakina (Loc-Dog).

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