Antivirus weekend: a virtual

Summer is in full swing, and nobody wants to miss the rare warm days. Already in many cities, people came back to life, but the statistics of the incidence of virus is still scary. “Rosbalt” advises you not to be in areas with large concentrations of people and enjoy the summer in a small circle of loved ones.

And so you were not bored, we have again prepared for you a selection of interesting classes!

“Scarlet Sails”

the long-awaited night of all alumni, residents and guests of the Northern capital this year will be held online. To experience night in St. Petersburg not fully succeed, but this year the holiday will see everyone. 27 Jun “Scarlet Sails” will change a route: instead of the Neva river water show will be held in the Gulf.

the Concert will be timed to the 140th anniversary of the birth of the author of “Scarlet Sails” Alexander green. The hosts of the holiday tradition will Urgant Ivan and Darya Aleksandrova, on the stage will perform the famous performers.

the live broadcast of the concert program can be viewed on the “channel five” at 22.30, and the passage of brig Bay will be shown on all main channels.

Online outlet

For the graduates of 2020 “Vkontakte” organizes a holiday in an online format.

Basta, Zivert, Belarusian Tim, Timothy, NILETTO, Jony, HammAli & Navai and Ramil” will congratulate children on the holiday, will perform favorite songs and personally meet with the winners, which will be held during the broadcast. The audience will have a chance to win iPhone, AirPods, iPad or other valuable prizes.

Stream of the “Main prom” kicks off on June 27 at 18:00 in the community “Official page”.

Also the festival you can watch at 19:00 on MUZ-TV. Presenters will IDA Galich, Vladimir Marconi and voice assistant Marussia.

The Last Of Us Part II

welcome novelty for gamers — The Last of Us Part II ( “the Last of us: Part 2”, in Russia was published under the title “the last of us: Part II”).

This is a computer game in the genre action adventure developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment in the year 2020 for the PlayStation 4.

the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world twenty five years after the outbreak Cordyceps cerebral infection.

In the review of Gambling Alexey Pilipchuk verdict: “Game-event, which, like the first part, probably will be for years to zealously love one and hate the other. Only this time, issues of contention will be even more.”

the Series “Paper house”

“Paper the house” — Spanish television series in the genre of crime drama. This is a story about criminals who decided to Rob the Royal mint of Spain and steal 2.4 billion euros. Although the series was released in 2017, it is once again gaining popularity in the Internet. After its success in their home country the show was interested in us streaming service Netflix, which acquired rights for the international screening. “Paper the house” became the most popular non-English TV series Netflix platform.

YouTube-broadcast lectures, “do Not read Soviet Newspapers”

And for those who missed the cultural activities offered on June 27 at 18:00 to watch a series of lectures of Mikhail Bulgakov Museum, which introduces the audience to the era of the writer.

In the frames of the lecture the audience will be able to look at Bulgakov’s the era through the prism of Soviet periodicals to learn about the features of the time and will plunge into political, domestic, criminal, scientific, and cultural developments in the Soviet press during the selected month. View the lecture in an online format at the channel of the Museum.

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