Antivirus weekend: clean games, the many faces of Moscow and timeless story of a Roque

Although people are already almost back to my old life, and the government rapidly removes the restrictions before the events in the summer, “Rosbalt” still advises you to protect health and not to contact with a large number of people. Especially in the Internet there are many interesting activities that will help pass the time.

Moscow Online

In the Northern Capital we have walked in the previous “AV output”. But today we offer you to visit Moscow. Town portal

offers us the project “Culture of Moscow online” in which the main city events and activities that you can visit online. The website provides access to the various sections: “Theatre”, “Music”, “Museums”, “Movie”, “Literature”, “Show”, “Tour”, “Knowledge” and the additional platform in “#Mosqueteros”, so everyone can find something interesting and useful. The online platform will work and after the completion of the pandemic, therefore, to visit the capital market at any time from the comfort of home.

Prize fighters garbage

the world environment day, the creators of the project “Clean games” launched the Prize fighters from the debris. The project will be 1000 single Saturday throughout Russia. To participate in the project may attend. As to people not to gather in large numbers, the creators of the project offer residents pick up trash during a walk, jog, on your way to work or to the store. Prize fighters garbage organized for such caring people.

in order to become a member you need to participate in the promotion from 5 to 30 June and put the posts about cleaning Facebook or Instagram, putting the city by putting the hashtag #baymoore and the link to @clean_games.

the company will Also prepare the gifts for the winners which will be awarded after the online nagraborn July 5. VKontakte will award the winner of the

“What happened?” (18+)

If you want to laugh and to see famous people in a new way, we suggest you to watch the show “What happened next?”. The show is regularly on the channel LABELCOM. The channel has over 3 million subscribers, and issues of “What happened next?” collect up to 20 million views. LABELCOM is a creative Association of comedians. The essence of the show is that comedians are listening to the story приглашtнного guest, and then trying to guess how it ended. At the moment, the taken 2 full season of the show and started съtмки third. Guests of the show have already become many famous personalities from Lolita to Morgenstern.

the Series “Elite”

the Youth of the Spanish series “Elite” has become very popular all over the world. Netflix announced that the series was watched by over 20 million viewers in the first month of release, On the website Rotten Tomatoes it has a rating of 100% based on 11 reviews with an average score of 8.4 out of 10. Good estimates for released 24 series. The plot tells the story of three teenagers who received a scholarship to study at the prestigious school of Spain, “Las Encinas” after their last school was closed. Samuel, Nadi and Christian training in a new place will be quite a challenge, because students who reside in this school, immediately took a dislike to the newcomers. But in addition to the humiliation and intimidation is killed one of the students, and the police remains to find out who was the killer.

the Online presentation of the play “Oedipus the King” Oskaras Koršunovas

All the fears come from childhood. Convinced of this outstanding Lithuanian Director.

Sophocles ‘ Tragedy — of fate and insight, that fate not to quit — became the basis of one of the most spectacular performances of Koršunovas. From here originate not only fears, but also pop culture, relationships, politics… All human life fromalso determined in this sandbox, and the event — only a consequence. In this message the Director retains whodunit, so that even the textbook story is an unexpected and exciting.

See the first and second parts of the performance on YouTube.

Stories about how you tried to get help from the Russian state in terms of coronaries and what came of it, email it to