Antivirus weekend: online museums, virtual visits to the theatre and cinema

Two months of summer behind. Already opened many shopping centres and even borders with some countries. However, all these attractions are still not very safe, so the “Rosbalt” offers you to celebrate the first days of August with our selection of interesting events and activities.

Project “Hermitage visiting colleagues”

During a new project, the Hermitage invites guests to virtually walk around the museums and get acquainted with the masterpieces of the collections in different cities.

Guests can enjoy in the museums of St. Petersburg, Vyborg, Omsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and other cities.

the Hermitage publishes videopregnancy Vkontakte.

Series “Ragnarok”

the New 2020 from Netflix — teen-TV series “Ragnarok “. The main character Magne with his brother and mother comes to town Edda, where the boys displayed amazing abilities that appear in different series.

many of the characters have a mythological prototype of the main hero — Thor, his brother Loki, the most influential family of the city — the giants, the Jotuns.

In the series merged Norse mythology, challenges and magnificent landscapes of Norway.


And again will tell about the interesting places that we can visit in Saint Petersburg. Port “Sevkabel” — a popular place in the Harbour of Vasilyevsky island near the Soviet building of the Marine station. In the industrial areas in 2018 has opened the space for recreation.

Now there you can visit museums, go skating, eat, arrange a beautiful photo shoot — all with views of the Gulf of Finland.

In the port always appears something new and interesting is what makes this place so popular among tourists and residents.

Online broadcasts of the Aleksandrinsky theatre

For those who long for great, Alexandrinsky theatre has prepared a month of live broadcasts of performances. The first broadcast will be held on 4 and 5 August where viewers will be able to watch a recording of the performances of Victor Ryzhakova “Optimistic tragedy. Farewell ball”.

the poster of the other performances can be found on the website.

Action for children

Launched an interesting campaign “Canaleta” and “Gallery of literary characters” for children. They are designed for three age groups. Viewings of films will be held once a week.

the stars of Russian culture will record videos with recommendations for viewing a particular film.

the Action “Gallery of literary characters” introduces children and teenagers with the works of Russian literature and holds interesting events.

the details can be found on the website.