Antivirus weekend: parade of the Navy, electronic music and long-awaited walk in the Park

Second month of summer coming to an end, but before sad. We offer you to spend you last weekend of July with a selection of activities from “Rosbalt”.

Day Navy

July 26, at 10:00 at the legendary cruiser “Aurora” will begin a big feast that will last all day.

the First volley of cannon fire on the famous cruiser “Aurora” will raise the flag of St. Andrew, and the best soldiers of the Navy will receive their awards.

At 11:00 will be a parade from Annunciation bridge with modern ships, submarines and cruisers and the historic ship “Poltava”.

St. Petersburg will be able to see the parade from the waterfront and even with the excursion boats from the water and on the big screen at the Palace square.

12:00 to start the air part of the show, and in the sky above the Senate square will fly planes and helicopters naval aviation.

Music marathon

Those whom military equipment is not very interesting, we offer you to watch a marathon of concerts “Under the flag of St. Andrew”, which starts on 26 July at 14:00. Music marathon in honor of the parade will be broadcast online: group of the Committee for culture of St. Petersburg, Vkontakte, broadcast and social media channel “Saint-Petersburg” channel, “All TV” digital video service Wink.

this day will the Central concert exemplary orchestra of a name of Rimsky-Korsakov Russian Navy, the song and dance Ensemble of the Western military district, Academic song and dance ensemble of the Russian army Alexandrov, and the group “Chizh & Co” and Garik Sukachev.

electronic music Festival Tomorrowland

Grand Belgian electronic music festival Tomorrowland, like many, this year will be held in an online format on July 25-26.

the festival will feature more than 60 global artists. To view will be available 8 scenes, each of which will present a unique program: a webinars, games, cooking classes.

Elagin island

of Course, tell you about places that we can visit. Another outdoor Park in St. Petersburg — the Central Park of culture and rest named after Kirov. On the island regularly hosts cultural events, exhibitions, concerts and excursions. Rental you can rent sports equipment and boats. For children in Gorky Park often hosts master classes.

the schedule of events and detailed information can be found on the website.

Park “New Holland”

the Island of “New Holland” is an art object, a favorite of young people. More than 150 years, access to the island was closed — now it’s a very popular place among citizens and tourists. On the island are constantly different activities: lectures, play concerts, invite guests to the exhibition and workshops.

On the territory you can eat, to buy unusual Souvenirs and collector’s edition of the popular comic book, or simply sunbathe on the grass overlooking the beautiful lake in the heart of St. Petersburg.

Details of the visit can be found on the website.

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