Francis Lalanne, it only has to hold up. It is no more the only one to wear the vest and hold the guitar. Antonin Froideveaux is a florist in the small town of Montbard, Côte-d’or. With the “yellow vests”, he dreamed of a national destiny. The singer amateur was composed Puts your gilet , a song which proved a massive hit on the networks.

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Antonin Froideveaux was made on 15 December, during the fifth day of the event. Many of the “yellow vests” Montbard participated in this great choreography around a roundabout. “I’ve seen people drop to the sea, I have seen people escape from poverty”, intones the florist. The resemblance to Francis Lalanne becomes apparent.

Antonin Froideveaux urges the “yellow vests” to “unplug the tv” and go and demonstrate. Relayed on the pages of Facebook to support the “yellow vests”, the clip proved a massive hit, viewed nearly 550,000 times since Saturday. The amateur musician told the AFP that he is now considering “professional”.

The beginning of the fame, the florist was acquired on 2 December. Elected by TF1 to appear in his Seven to Eight , he has performed in front of the camera of Harry Roselmack a first piece composed in November to support the fight of the “yellow vests”. Solemn, it was called People, fight for yourself .

“Take your destiny in your hands, it is within arms’ reach. Express yourself before that you prevent those who decide the laws, sings the florist in the chorus. The most critical laugh at his staging a little rustic. The symbolic content frieze course emphasis: the singer is facing a monument to the dead, or remains pensive on the platform of a train station. But Antonin Froideveaux wants at any price to persuade the French to “do their civic duty”.

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It is not the only one to make the buzz in music in the wake of the claims. Chicha in hand, Kopp Johnson shouting “Macron, resignation!” in its title to the accents zouk Yellow Jacket . On Youtube, it has been viewed more than ten million times.