Any Muscovite from July 16 will be free to take PCR for coronavirus

In Moscow from July 16 to begin to be free of PCR tests for the presence of coronavirus. To take them can anyone Muscovite, said the Deputy mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova.

According to her, to pass the tests will be in the 207 clinics in the city by appointment. Who wants to take the test will need to bring your passport and medical insurance.

Recall that from may 27, the Muscovites have the opportunity to take free test for the presence of antibodies to coronavirus.

Rakova noted that on average, plan to spend up to 50 thousand studies per day. She also said that since the beginning of the epidemic in Moscow has already done more than 4.3 million PCR tests.

the test Results can be viewed in the electronic medical record on the portal of the municipality in the application “SYSTEM.INFO” within three days from the date of delivery of the analysis.

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