“Look, here she is little, blowing one of the astronauts. “Of what?” responds another. “The Earth!” When the module Apollo carrying Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins is square in the lunar orbit, the three men have difficulty in detaching their gaze from the star white, which is their destination. “You have seen as this mountain is big!”, marvels at one of them with a childlike spontaneity. For a few moments, they forget almost responding to the calls from the control center in Houston.

” READ ALSO – H. G. Wells and his clones of Armstrong and Aldrin.

when the three men donned their space suit to one of their landing in the Pacific ocean, seven days later, the instructions of the control center and drawings that punctuate the film permit an understanding of the different stages of the journey.

The documentary Apollo 11 tells the epic space over which humanity has set foot on the moon, there are fifty …

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