Appeared in Russia party headed by Putin's nephew

the Cousin nephew of the President of Russia became the head of the party “People against corruption”.

the novel Putin joined poliorgannaya just two weeks earlier.

Previously, the party headed by Grigory Anisimov. Putin’s appointment of “People against corruption” “will receive a new impetus to the development and anti-corruption efforts, the implementation of various social projects,” said ex-Chairman.

the news about the revolution career of a relative of Vladimir Putin appeared soon after began to act amendments to the Constitution. To change the basic law, made himself the head of state. He invited people to take part in the voting and to Express their attitude to reform. In the end, according to the CEC of the Russian Federation, amendments in favor of more than 77% of participants of plebiscite that took place in the form of a survey and took a whole week.

nephew of Putin is a businessman. He leads the Board of Directors “Groups of companies MRI”, is one of the owners of production gyroplanes “MRT-AVIA”.

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