A gravelly voice a little vintage, a folk guitar. On stage, Apple is embracing her auto-harp and the guitar frantically. It is like this that the magic Apple. The youth and the freshness of a look cohabit with a voice more mature that does not let appear the frail young woman. His songs also had a close brush sometimes the juvenile, the rhyme is often easy, but it was completely qualified by the mastery of his voice, as much in the serious in his accents very sharp.

Montreux, le Printemps de Bourges, Les Francofolies, were not deceived and are many appointments in which Apple participated this year. Because more than one year after the release of an album in half shade, the young woman enters the court of the great behind Clara Luciani, Juliette Armanet or Fischbach. She is also the heir to a generation of female singers French voices such as Pauline Croze or Jeanne Cherhal that inspire as much as some of his musical heroes. “Before I was listening to a lot of Country (mostly it), Dolly Parton, EmmylouHarris. Today, I listen to all the old souls like Barbara, Polnareff, the French song melodic and darker than Lomepal, Camélia Jordana, Angela or Clara Luciani. I am also a young woman of my time.”

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Among the influences of the artists with whom she performs duets such as Pierre Lapointe, or even Ben Mazue, “friends in life”. Participating in its success, a large number of dates in smaller rooms, less prestigious, has built its recognition by the public of France in Montreal. So well that a second album is in preparation and will be recorded in march. “It will have a frame more acoustic-based and will be entirely written and composed by me. I write since I was little and I sang in a choral classic for ten years. All of this has left traces.” An album that we hope to be more emancipated in the image of a very beautiful title of his first album and burn, intense declaration of love to a woman.

For the last date in paris with her tour, she will be at the Trianon. “On stage, I will play the songs from my album, but also new songs like The Redwoods, and a title that is completely unique from my second album. I hold back because I really want all of the reveal!” “Usually, I would have prepared something special for Paris but this time I wanted to be alone on stage, do a show minimalist, as a transition to my second album. A friend will come to accompany me on the three titles to the musical saw and the guitar.”

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