Approved the Energy strategy of Russia until 2035

the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin approved the Energy strategy of Russia until 2035.

as of the strategic objectives of the fuel and energy complex (FEC) of the country the document establishes the promotion of economic and social development of Russia, as well as the strengthening and preservation of positions in the global energy sector, said in a statement on the website of the Cabinet.

among the main objectives of the strategy — addressing domestic energy demand, export development, modernization and the increased availability of infrastructure, the achievement of technological independence, digital transformation and energy security.

this strategy involves, inter alia, that “the level of gasification of Russian regions by 2024 will increase from 68.6% to 74.7%, and by 2035 up to 82,9%”.

in Addition, the strategy is projected to increase by 2024 energy production by 5-9% (compared to 2018 year), exports of fuel and energy complex (FEC) on 9-15%, attracting investments into the sector to 1.35—1.4 times.

Recall that on 4 June, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to “Gazprom”, the government and other relevant agencies to ensure gradual completion of gasification of regions until 2024 and 2030. Including charged with establishing funding sources to connect citizens to the gas distribution network “without the involvement of their means.” Another task is to provide a comprehensive conclusion of the contract on gas supply, connection and maintenance of associated equipment using structures of the single window and the MFC.

the Commission under the President of the Russian Federation on issues of development strategy of fuel and energy complex and environmental safety must ensure the coordination of activities of Executive authorities of all levels, bodies of local self-government.

Earlier media repeatedly reported about the PRallamah gasification in the Russian regions. So, in March in Chita held a rally for the gasification of Transbaikalia. The protesters called on the authorities of the region and the country to pay attention to Transbaikalia, where they still have not fixed the problem with the gas.

last Fall, German newspaper Die Welt drew attention that millions of inhabitants of the Russian province are still not connected to the gas network. In particular, only 1.5 hours drive from St. Petersburg is the village of Glove with a population of 400 people that is not connected to the gas network, although close, Vyborg starts the pipeline “Nord stream-1”. As a result, people have to buy gas cylinders at a price much above the gas pipeline.

the Authors noted that the total program of gasification of the country, launched in 2005, big has not brought results, despite spent by Gazprom on the Russian gas networks 5 billion euros. Now the date was extended to 2030. In addition, the Minister of energy Alexander Novak called the complete gasification of Russia is economically inefficient.

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