last February, three of her songs were in the first three places in the classification Billboard, the never-seen since the Beatles. If in his professional life everything seems to be going to Ariana Grande, the young singer also knows the moments of turmoil, which she has chosen to open the Vogue american.

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She returned, and on the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller on 7 September after an overdose. Crying from the beginning of the interview to her memory, she explains, have been plunged into intense pain after his premature death: “If I tell you the truth, I don’t remember clearly the months that followed because I was really sad and really drunk.” The two singers dated from September 2016 to may 2018 but are separated because of the addictions of the latter.

The muse Givenchy recalls: “It was the best person that I know, and he did not deserve the demons that haunted him.” To alleviate this grief, the singer has spent a lot of time in the studio this fall, in a certain fog: “I can’t remember how it started or how it was successful but all of a sudden, there were ten songs ready.” Including the hit song of the fifth studio album, Thank U, Next , where she makes a tribute to Mac Miller… And mocks his past relationships.

Pete Davidson, “a distraction”

In the interview given to the famous log mode, the “cover star” of August returns, in particular on its relationship with the comedian, new yorker, Pete Davidson, with whom she got engaged in June 2018 after only a few weeks of relationship. Before separating in October 2018, a few weeks only after the death of Mac Miller. Ariana Grande does not mince his words: “It was a great distraction. It was frivolous, funny, crazy and very unrealistic. I loved her but I didn’t know him.”

Struck very early on by dramas, Ariana Grande opens up about his sentence after the terrible attack in Manchester in may 2017 and is associated with modesty to the pain of the families. It was at the initiative of the concert a charitable One Love Manchester organised to raise funds for the families: “I’m proud of it but it has not brought back any of the victims. It is very hard to talk about without thinking about them, which I will read.”

She then opens in a jumble on his family and his fans. The native of Florida does not hesitate to joke about the look of her mother: “She’s gothic,” or to thank her audience. The young woman to the amazing community of fans (more than 159 million subscribers on Instagram) explains this link in particular: “They know when I am disconnected, happy, or tired. This is a link bizarre that we have. It is similar to E. T and Elliott.” The former child star seems to have found the path of wisdom and confidence: “I continue to move forward on this tenuous line, that is shared between me heal and at the same time not to let things that I have experienced overwhelm me before I am ready.”