Armenia has stated about the attack by Azerbaijani special forces on a military facility

Armed forces (AF) of Azerbaijan attacked the military position of “Fearless” in the North-East of Armenia, reported the press Secretary of the Armenian defense Ministry Shushan Stepanyan on the social network Facebook.

according to the report Stepanyan, who held the position of division of the Armenian armed forces drove the enemy. According to preliminary data, there are losses from the Azerbaijani side, Armenian troops were not injured. Stepanyan also said that the Azerbaijani special forces “trapped”.

moreover, the Azerbaijani defense Ministry called message misinformation. The representative of the Department stated that “no new attack was not” on the border remains quiet. At the same time he added that in the area of the alleged incident, shots were heard on the Armenian side, and suggested that “there was another skirmish between Armenian military servicemen”.

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