With Roubaix, a light , Arnaud Desplechin continues the saga of his native city. Often visited by the filmmaker, she takes this time to an atmosphere of film noir. A new chapter, criminal and mystical, in the work of one of our filmmakers today to be more productive, to find at the Cinémathèque française, which devotes him a retrospective from the 28th of August.

LE FIGARO. – How is born this movie?

Arnaud DESPLECHIN. – in the words of Truffaut, made a film against the precedent, and after the flourishing romance of Ghosts of Ishmael , I wanted to put the fiction at the door and make a film where there are only the real. A film in the genre of False Guilty of Hitchcock, only with true facts: the idea was to pose the questions such as what and leave the fiction to enter through the window.

“filming a face and the face becomes a landscape, and you say, that behind every human face there is a soul. It does not help you to understand, but it is the enigma on which one stumbles”

Arnaud Desplechin

The character of the commissioner Daoud is it real?

there has been a commissioner maghreb, in this office mainly white, but it has not crossed this various. I liked …

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