Arrested the ringleaders of the rebellion at the site of the Amur plant of

Arrested the “most active” participants of the riots on the construction site of the Amur gas processing plant (the object structures “Gazprom” the project “Power of Siberia”).

As reported in the SC of the Russian Federation, on suspicion in participation in mass riots arrested the 11 most active participants, who, according to investigators, initiated July 13, the riots at the site of a gas processing complex in the city Free. Two detainees have been arrested.

“the Facts of untimely payment of salaries to employees is not established, the cause of the riots between the citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, employees of the Contracting organization and its leadership became a conflict on the basis of differences in terms of source of reimbursement for the payment of patents for labour activity”, — reads the statement of the Investigative Committee.

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