This is surely Invader who posted the archive of artistic high to the result of the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris. Tuesday, April 16, the artist to the thousands of space invaders in a mosaic installed on the walls around the world published on its account Instagram a cliché dating back to 2004 and showing the installation of the 556e specimen in paris, the PA_556.

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I PARIS #archive #2004 #PA556

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This space invader “I INVADE PARIS” is at the intersection of the rue de l Hotel Colbert and the quai de Montebello, to the knowledge of the other side of Notre-Dame, in front of the location of the arrow,, next to left bank.

The shadow of the Invader is unique. In addition to that of Notre-Dame of Paris appears in the second plane (that is the tribute), it represents the artist – who over the past 20 years maintain his anonymity, and has never shown his face – posing his work, in broad daylight, in the sight of all. Memory of journalist Web who is interested (a little) to the graffiti (and Invader, such as here or here or here), there are no or few similar images of the artist in action in the capital.

The other archive remarkable is that of ZEVS, also known now under his true identity, Christopher Aguirre Schwarz. The specialist of kidnapping and visual détourements of logos has been published, always on Instagram, a photo of a graffiti giant that he had painted in 2007 on a wall of the promenade along the Seine under the cathedral. He proclaimed: “ The real style is invisible ” (The true style is invisible). This graffiti was itself invisible. Or rather: it was not visible that night when the boats passed in front with their huge spotlights on.

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The Real Style Is Invisible Paris 2007 Graffiti Invisible revealed by the lights of the river boat. Hast thou seen yesterday evening ?

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The first work of Zevs had been precisely at the beginning of the years 2000 to trace the white paint, the shade of urban furniture: the night, the work was complete, the day, only the outline appears. Genius idea, that it is not trivial to recall after the disastrous fire in Notre-Dame cathedral: the cathedral has perhaps lost its edge on the wharf or his arrow, but not in the heads of the Parisians have celebrated and mourned.

let’s End this selection, not with graffiti, but it’s just like: this is called urban exploration. In the clear, rock-climbing and visits of monuments or buildings without permission. The writer Sylvain Tesson has been recognized to have climbed on Our Lady hundreds of times, as well as Saint-Eustache. Another “ freerunne r” (the name given to those who are followers of this discipline), Simon Nogueira, was published last October, a climb of the cathedral. His video has been widely shared since the 15th of April. The images are impressive:

Remember, finally, multiple publications of the account of urban explorers Les_forces_du_désordre_. We see the “forest” and the spire of Notre-Dame, now the parties in the smoke, in the course of an exploration prohibited:

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Notre-Dame de Paris, his arrow and his forest.

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