40 meters High, its bell tower, black and white has allowed for centuries to mariners to avoid the pitfalls of the shore. Nowadays, it is she, the church Saint-Etienne d’ars-en-Ré, which requires relief and vigilance. Since 1993, the city council conducted a long restoration, which currently covers the interior of this building become one of the symbols of the island. Twenty artists – painters, for the most -famous or unknown, professional or amateur, have decided to come to her aid. Their common point: to have memories, habits, if not their home to the island of Ré. All he dedicated a work inspired by the contours.

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“I love the church of Saint-Etienne for its colour and austerity”, says Eva Jospin, who drew in indian ink his arrow surrounded by mist. The artist frequented the beaches rétaises the last twenty years. “For walkers, sportsmen or the believers, …

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