Klay, select club in the Second arrondissement of Paris he was given command of a juice detox. “But I have swallowed a Mcdonald’s just before. There, behind you, this is my gym, it works very well on me, non?” fun guy of 31 years in his hands the roundness of her figure.

Cap screwed on the skull, beard, battle, Victor Artus Solaro, more known under the name of Artus, seems to be the polar opposite of Jonah, the spy leveled charges that he is in The Office of captions (BDL, for the fans), the series created by Eric Rochant, the season 4 has just been broadcast on Canal +. A character funky and cute, he was surprised again, earned him a deluge of accolades. On his mobile phone, it shows these messages of congratulations from people he does not know but which he takes care to respond. Nicely. It is in his nature.

He could not look at it. It is never good. Sucks not to see that the “bide”. The biggest compliment came from his …

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