As a result of hurricane in Yekaterinburg killed two people

In Ekaterinburg died in a crane operator who fell from a strong wind on the construction site, as well as the man who was hit with a plastic sheet.

As reported, on Monday afternoon in the capital of the Middle Urals fell squally winds with gusts up to 28 m/s.

as a result, in the lower lane at the construction site with the wind knocked gantry crane. Suffered and was hospitalized the crane operator, reports According to the latest city health Department, the man died.

the Second victim — a man, an accident which was caught on a witnesses. He threw a couple of meters off the ground from the wind by a piece of plastic.

the head of the press service GU MVD of Russia in Sverdlovsk region Valery Gorelykh said that the victim was killed. “As a result of a sharp gust of wind from the building blew off the upper part of the coating. By coincidence, just at this moment the building left the man to move his car away from sin. He wanted to clean the car which stood under the tree, and in that moment the whole structure fell on him. The arrived ambulance pronounced him dead men,” — said the Colonel.

news of another victim in Polevskoy on the street of the 2nd district under fallen branches hit a woman. She lost consciousness and was taken to hospital.

Without power supply remain about 16 thousand people.

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