called the “white angels”. These nurses are volunteers who, in the shade of the trenches, contrast and recousent, repair, and comfort the wounded returnees from the front. In 1917, the majority of men are cooped up in the trenches. They only hear the echo of the cannons, cloistered in a makeshift hospital, from the other side of the forest. They are three to take care of a hundred broken faces. The few doctors remaining, too old, have barely the time to move on. We do not will not.

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At its creation, the play of Dany Laurent, perfectly punctuated by Yves Pignot, was hailed by three of Molière. Fifteen years later, she returned to the stage of the Théâtre La Bruyère with the same efficiency . Always with the amazing Marie Vincent, distinguished at the time “revelation ” theatrical” for his role of the nurse-in-chief Margarita.

Funny sorority

In a neat James Boizot, that allows one to see the guard room of the infirmary, the three ladies in white collide with tenderness. “Mademoiselle Marguerite,” no longer knows how to give head. It must be severe and intransigent in front of its adjuvant. The brash Suzy (catchy Ariane Bush), feminist revolutionary, monte a circle of pacifist clandestine redoing the bandages. Younger, Louise (moving Katia Miran) using its best efforts, scarred by the expectation of his fiancé, stuck down there in the trenches.

Marie Vincent and Axel Huet, great. photo BATCH

It is the eve of Christmas. An injured person retains their attention in particular: James, the son of the countess, must be to amputate the leg. His brother Peter (Axel Huet), mental deficient, lagging in their legs. Their mother Adrienne (Virginie Lemoine) goes to visit them. A funny sorority is built, through the ages and the diverse conditions of each. Smoking cigarettes in secret. We drink large lashings of calvados without hiding. It sings, Madelon standing on the tables. We réveillonne and sleeps little. So much the worse! One dresses up as a dancer at the Moulin Rouge to bring balm to the heart of the wounded.

In the antechamber of the drama, torn, sometimes by the shells far away, and the complaints of the soldiers, the laughter and tears combine well. The replicas are hot, often funny. In opposite roles, and yet so close, Marie Vincent and Virginie Lemoine offer a tandem very strong, nice portrait of these women to the mute suffering, that bend but never break. For them too, this war will be the “Der des Der”.

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