there’s no stopping more news. After you have created over the past year the famous and a little mocked Caesar of the public who reward the French movie with the most tickets in the performance hall, the Academy of Caesar starts another trophy before. The institution announced Tuesday the advent, with the national Education, a Caesar of the high school students. Will be in the running for the award, the seven works named (known as the 23 next January), the César for the best film.

2000 students of senior general secondary schools, technological, and professionals will form the electoral body. The films will be screened in selected classes. At the end of each session, the teacher will arrange a session of discussion and reflection so that the students “to exchange their views, share their experience of the viewer, to defend their tastes”.

The high school students will be able to vote until 22 February afternoon, a few hours before the kick-off ceremony of the 44th Caesar, which will be presented by Kad Merad. The winner of the “Caesar of high school students” will be announced only on 25 February. The award ceremony will take place at the Sorbonne on the 13th of march, in the presence of the film team.

any class can apply. The professor referent has until the end of the year to fill out an application that can be enhanced, said the release, “the existence of a teaching “cinema” in the establishment, by the richness of the film projects of the establishment by the partnership of this school with a cinema room, or by the quality of the projection facilities in the institution.”

The initiative has sparked a debate on Twitter among young movie-goers thrilled and minds a little more cynical, otherwise critical…