A good thing of made. Now, we know the noise made by a stroke of lightning. It is the one of firecrackers that explode. Around them, it is a fireworks display. They come out of an exhibition of photos. They are talking about. He kisses her. Love strikes like lightning. Asako did not return. His name means “daughter of the morning”. Baku is erratic, unpredictable. He wears a t-shirt rumpled, hair disheveled. These two students from Osaka, discover emotions they never knew about. Most importantly, it. The boy has a habit of disappearing. One day, he went to buy shoes. He never came back. Two years have passed. The heroine has moved to Tokyo where she works in a cafeteria. It falls on the double of Baku.

Richter Scale

Ryohei is serious, in these gray suits, its meetings, and frameworks to dynamic. His position in a company that sake suits him. The girl never admits to him, especially not this story of resemblance. They settle down together. …

I log

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