Matignon added that the Prime Minister had “decided to follow all the recommendations” of the report of the General Inspectorate of Justice (IGJ), seized after the attack by a radicalized fellow prisoner of the Corsican independence movement, who was serving a sentence of life imprisonment for the assassination of the prefect Claude Erignac.

Elisabeth Borne will also ask the Minister of Justice for “an inspection mission on the assessment of neighborhoods for the assessment and management of radicalization” (QER), a system deployed five years ago and of which “it appears necessary to draw up a balance sheet”.

The IGJ report was submitted to the Prime Minister’s office and not to the Keeper of the Seals Eric Dupond-Moretti because, the latter having been Yvan Colonna’s lawyer, he is forced to withdraw from everything concerning his old client.

According to the press release from Matignon, the inspection mission concluded that one of the agents had a “lack of active vigilance” and “inappropriate management of both video surveillance and orientation in the radicalization assessment district ( QER)” for the other.

Traveling to Saint-Dié-des-Vosges on Thursday, Elisabeth Borne assured that “in accordance with the commitment that had been made”, this report would be “made public” in an anonymized version, “so as not to reveal the names of the persons concerned”.

On March 2, Yvan Colonna was violently attacked in the sports hall of the central house in Arles by a 36-year-old Cameroonian prisoner, Franck Elong Abé, who was serving several sentences, including one of nine years in prison for “association of terrorist criminals”.

He died of his injuries in Marseille on March 21, after three weeks in a coma.