The two motions aimed at overthrowing the government, of the RN and of the LFI, respond to the third recourse by Elisabeth Borne to the constitutional weapon, after having already drawn it to pass without a vote the revenue parts of this PLFSS and the budget of the ‘State.

The different groups will intervene from 3:00 p.m. for about 2:30 hours, before the executive responds.

The RN motion, against a “government deaf to calls for change enacted by the legislative”, will be examined first and defended by Marine Le Pen.

That of the Insoumis, denouncing “a sham of parliamentary democracy”, will follow and must be defended by the deputy of Val-de-Marne Clémence Guetté.

The executive invokes a blockage of opposition and the need to meet the constitutional deadlines for examining budgets to justify these 49.3.

His opponents accuse him of drawing it to interrupt the debates before sensitive subjects – medical deserts, communities – and especially of not retaining in the final texts measures adopted against his opinion.

“We do not want to trivialize the fact that the government arrives and says the texts will pass as they are”, insisted Clémence Guetté on franceinfo.

– Unlikely censorship… –

Still, this time, the Insoumis are going it alone to file their motion. The rest of the Nupes were reluctant from the outset to respond to every 49.3 with a motion of no confidence.

The surprise rallying of RN deputies to one of their attempts did not help.

“Either we do this for the operetta (…), or we do this to say that we no longer want this policy and we take all those who want to join this motion”, pleaded the LFI Eric Coquerel.

“All those who want to join this motion and therefore including the RN: never”, retorted the socialist Valérie Rabault.

A meeting of PS deputies is to take place on Monday to address the issue. Asked on franceinfo on Sunday, EELV MP Sandra Regol said she did not know “not yet” if her group was going to vote for her.

“I think they wanted to reserve the possibility, if the RN votes for it, not to vote for it”, analyzes a government source.

The communist group said last week “willing” to bring its votes.

In a text published on Sunday, LFI deputy Clémentine Autain called on Nupes not to fall into a “trap” of the presidential camp: “LFI on the far left and the PS on the left of government: this is the dichotomy maintained to better break the new union”.

Whatever happens, the bar of 289 favorable deputies seems unattainable and the PLFSS should be adopted at first reading, before going to the Senate.

– … a fourth 49.3 much more –

Before that, the hemicycle will have had time to heat up in the morning with the examination from 9:00 a.m. of the sensitive “ecology” program of the state budget, which must resume in the evening after the examination of the motions of censure.

The executive intends to take advantage of this to promote certain measures (increase in the Ma premium rénov’ system, ecological bonus for access to electric vehicles), but no one knows how far the debates will go.

The government is under pressure after a complicated night from Friday to Saturday for him. The appropriations devoted to the Overseas Territories for 2023 have been adopted but deeply corrected by the ultramarine deputies, often against the advice of the government.

Several sources within the presidential camp have indicated that the executive is leaning towards a new 49.3 on the state budget this week, perhaps as early as Monday.

The opposition has been urging the government since the start of the budget sequence to safeguard the measures it manages to get passed, whether for its amendments on the Overseas Territories – “portrait of the relationship we want to have with the ‘State’, warned Polynesian deputy Moetai Brotherson (Communist group) – or, no doubt, on ecology.

A fourth procedure of 49.3, if completed, would close the first reading of the budgets in the Assembly.