Astrakhan court convicted a psychiatrist convicted of the crime of the patient, but released from punishment

The Astrakhan regional court ordered a new sentence on the case of psychiatrist Alexander shishlova, the charges of negligence. As the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, the representative of the trade Union of health workers “Action” Ksenia Litvinova, the doctor-psychiatrist found guilty but released from punishment. The court changed the charge: instead of part 2 of article 293 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the negligence which has entailed on imprudence causing of heavy harm to health or death of a person), which was accused earlier Shishlov, he imputed part 1 of the same article (the negligence which has entailed the infliction of major damage or substantial violation of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens). Physician sentenced to one year of corrective works, but, given the already served punishment, from serving his new sentence vacated. Ksenia Litvinova said that now the lawyers are going to wait for the manufacture of a judicial decision, review it and make a decision about the future line of conduct and protection. Recall that the psychiatrist Alexander shishlova sent in a colony-settlement for two years, finding him guilty of negligence, entailed death of the person. In 2011 the inhabitant of the Astrakhan region Michael Elinsky was convicted of murder. He was found insane and sent for treatment again in the Volgograd psychiatric hospital, and after five years in a psychiatric hospital of Astrakhan. Shishlov was one of his attending physicians. After a year of observations of the clinical expert Committee of the hospital decided to transfer the patient to outpatient treatment under the supervision of relatives. The man was released from hospital July 5, 2017, and on September 19 he shot his niece and killed her eight month old daughter, having struck 25 times with a knife. The leadership of the Russian society of psychiatrists appealed to the President of the Russian Federation with a request to take control of the situation with chislovym. According to doctors, Shishlov was innocent. According to the law, even commit murder, the patient may not be detained in a hospital, PoiznerO. When there is sustained remission, it must issue or transfer to outpatient treatment. After four months of his sentence in a penal colony, Alexander Shishlov was released by the decision of the court of cassation. The court of cassation sent the case for retrial.

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