Astronomers are looking for witnesses of the flight of red-orange meteor with a long green

once in the Irkutsk region was seen a bright meteor, astronomers were asked to respond witnesses of the phenomenon.

As the press service of the Irkutsk planetarium, the meteor flew on 19 July at about 22:40 local time (17:40 MSK) in the South-West.

He was bright, bright red-orange color, and left behind a long bright green light. The phenomenon has been observed for about 5-7 seconds.

To nastojashemu time the planetarium has evidence of 11 people from Irkutsk city of Angarsk, the city and the village of Old Asaoka Usolsky district.

Witnesses are encouraged to share observations on the website Furthermore, the number and breadth of geography of the certificates will depend on the accuracy of calculations.

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