At ENEA, the restorers found a historic sign of the pavilion

In the course of the renovation project revealed the historic sign, which adorns the main entrance to the pavilion №8 since the construction in 1954 until 1959. For a long time it was considered lost, but it turns out it 60 years ago just closed a different guise in the repair.

According to the head of the Moscow cultural heritage Department Alexei Yemelyanov, the sign was saved by the fact that the repair was carried out in haste and to dismantle the old structure did not.

the Official said that the sign “Young naturalists” in a rare pavilions ENEA manner. Letters are printed by font-serif with large half-ovals. They are recessed in the plaster background.

Now, when the sign was found, it will clear and strengthen. While it is placed inside the pavilion, but after the restoration will decide how to exhibit.

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