Where to direct the eyes? On the compositions of insects in the national Museum of natural history, gathered by families of colors, from green celadon from Asia to the black-and-white photography, the pale yellow of the precious stones in the neon-blue of a tropical butterfly? On the people of animal skulls, sponges, blades, and teeth and jaws, starfish and skins of reptiles, toys, grotesque and miniatures of giant sculptures of the catalan artist Miquel Barceló? On the collection of oboe bark and oboe in boxwood, ash and hazel, presented as sculptures of a beauty bible by the MuCEM in Marseille, in memory of the national Museum of popular arts and traditions (1972-2005)? All, it is necessary to see everything.

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The Fund Helene and Edouard Leclerc for Culture (FHEL) Landerneau, curiosity is not a bad thing. It is highly recommended to enjoy …

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